The winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award TRAVEL (SOA TRAVEL) selected by a jury of German tour operators and travel trade professionals in Berlin at 5. March 2020.
Ylläs, Finland
Jury Motivation:
Ylläs in Finland has convinced the jury with a thorough, honest application and a holistic approach. The destination management team follows its ambitious goal to develop the region into an all year-round mountain biking place and concentrates on the welfare of the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. In the process, the region convinces with consistent performance - from the rebranding process to the implementation. All stakeholders are invited to join the regions move towards a sustainable outdoor destination. Also, the digital communication platform got recognized as both, inspiring and effective.
Vildmark i Värmland, Sweden
Jury Motivation:
Vildmark i Värmland invites families and groups to build their own timber rafts and float slowly down the river Klarälven, which carries the history of traditional log floating since the late 1700s. Well planned logistics and product instruction make this experience safe and unique for the visitors. The company is "Nature's Best" certified and acts sustainably in regards to waste management, education, transport, local products and organic food.
Kvarken Destinations,
Sweden & Finland
Jury Motivation:
Particularly in times of growing nationalism, the jury thinks the cross-border tourism of this project is very inspiring. Thanks to the cross-border project, the region has developed further and can present itself in a powerful way. In the sense of inspiration, the jury also emphasized the website and social media channels as outstanding.
St. Olav Waterway - A Nordic pilgrimage, Finland
Jury Motivation:
The "St. Olav Waterway" connects three countries by a historic pilgrimage route. The jury acknowledges this interesting idea and praises above all the sustainable travel experience. The past development has particularly convinced the jury and they are curious what the next years will bring.
Bussring AS, Norway

Bussring AS presents a great mobility concept, where you want to get on directly and travel the "Arctic Circle". The jury especially appreciated the coordination between the destinations, in particular with regard to the cross-border connections between Norway, Finland and Sweden. The hop on, hop off concept connects the regions in an environmentally friendly and authentic way. Bussring makes travelling easier, links the regions' hotspots and is close to the country and its people.

Hawkhill, Finland
Jury Motivation:
The exclusive Hawkhill lakeside holiday cottages are located directly in the Nuuksio National Park, only 45 minutes from Helsinki. The jury especially appreciates the sustainable concept and the natural development of the family-run business. With private beach, rowing boat, sauna and many activities for the whole family, the cozy cottages are what you would expect from a typical Finnish holiday.