The winners of Scandinavian Outdoor Award for Destinations (SOA Destinations)
selected by a jury of German tour operators and travel trade professionals
before ITB in Berlin at 6. March 2018.
Visit Vuokatti
Jury Motivation:
Visit Vuokatti has presented a humble and yet colorful description of their region, which offers a multitude of activities during all seasons. The many engaged family owned businesses assure preservation of the heritage, culture and production history.
Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän
Jury Motivation:
The resort shines through an appealing, though-out concept with family atmosphere. The product offer ranges from spa vacation to slow tourism activities in Linnansaari national park. The visitors are invited to join all possible experiences in the area all year around. The overall concept of the resort appears complete and product description and presentation are most informative and friendly.
Sapmi Nature, Swedish Lapland
Jury Motivation:
Sapmi Nature is presenting Sami culture, reindeer herding and the beauty of Arctic indigenous lifestyle in Laponia in a very soft and safe way. The small-scale tourism developed into a secret for lovers of deep and true nature and cultural experiences.
Lake Saimaa, Purest Finland
Jury Motivation:
Lake Saimaa, Purest Finland managed to convince the jury successfully by highlighting the versatile activities and peaceful lake area within good proximity to nearby cities and neighbor countries. The jury was impressed by the agility of all network partners and the steps, which have been taken during the last years to drive programs and efforts to join the UNESCO Geopark network.
Baltic Snow Call
Jury Motivation:
Baltic Snow Call has managed to adapt the concept of snow sculpting into a sparkling event, which comprises enthusiasm, craftsmanship, teamwork, art & festival. It showcases the beauty of the Baltic heritage with spectacular illuminations and presents the region very attractively to an international audience.
Pyhä Ski Resort
Jury Motivation:
Pyhä Ski Resort leadership managed to define and package their product in a way that is clear and comprehensible. The appealing website is convincing to the international audience with its informative structure and inspiring video material.
Äksyt Ämmät, Guesthouse to Guesthouse
Jury Motivation:
The jury would like to accentuate the carefulness and steadiness with which the presenters of Guesthouse to Guesthouse developed and established an authentic and true experience-product. The honorable mention shall highlight the courageous teamwork, presenting the Karelian culture in a very sustainable way, including a precious CSR award.
Jury 2018
The jury meeting took place in Berlin before ITB travel fair and was organized by Mandel and NordicMarketing.
Jury members in 2018: